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Oluse makes certain to leave his mark, with quiet confidence and expressive phrasing. A single listen leaves the whole thing calling out to you for a re-play.”

Rebecca Cullen

Boiling Point 4788c” sounds like the work of a perfectionist giving shape to his more radical ideas. The artist proudly makes this track his own and he’s not worried whether it has a traditional hip-hop arc to it or that it sounds like a splashy record meant for radio.”


Thorium EP

by AManda Mester

Los Angeles, Ca. - Oluse, a Nigerian-American rapper and Southern California native, is announcing the release of Thorium, a nine-track project featuring production from Handbook, Cool Socks Productions, Phenom, Ragtime, Nabi Bangz, Dylan Plummer, J-Tho, Professor H and J-Tho. Though not his first release, Thorium represents a clean slate for the artist and his most thoughtful work to date. A self-described student of hip-hop’s golden era, Oluse (short for Olusegun, Nigerian for “God is victorious”) strives to celebrate nostalgia while imbuing his music with “a new kick.” His beat selection remains true to the “boombap” sound, but Oluse experiments frequently, incorporating unexpected elements and eschewing traditional song formats. Having been raised in Hanau, Germany; Hampton, Virginia; Orange, Texas; Wahiawa, Hawaii and all over SoCal, his music carries with it influences of those places. He credits E-40 and Tupac with inspiring his desire to rap and says his years abroad introduced him to electronic music and a desire to experiment. In Hawaii, learning traditional songs on the ukulele was a requirement in school, an experience which taught him about the connection between music and cultural history. He was eventually introduced to chopped and screwed music while in Texas, and East Coast boombap in Virginia. The child of a single mother in the Army, Oluse credits his appreciation for the unorthodox to his unique childhood and is uninterested in joining hip-hop’s latest trends. Instead, he prides himself on sounding unlike any other rapper, free of regional accent or the confines of being defined by geography.


Thorium’s title was inspired by a TED Talk from Kirk Sorensen, a nuclear scientist with expertise in alternate forms of energy, including thorium. “I wanted this project to be the alternative to hip-hop that is out now,” he explains. “I started researching thorium and its compounds and wanted the track list to reflect that.” For example, one of thorium’s isotopes has been around since the “Age of the Universe,” hence the project’s opening song.


Thorium track list:


            Age of The Universe

            Atomic Number 90


            Monazite Sand

            Radium 228

            Melting Point 7800c (Gasp)

            Boiling Point 4788c

            Shotgun (Bonus)

            Hooptie (Bonus)



For more information, visit Oluse on Facebook, Instagram, bandcamp and YouTube.

This project is a fantastic example of a solid independent Hip Hop album for sure! The underground Hip Hop scene is rapidly growing by the day, and clearly Oluse has set is mark for sure in So-Cal!”

Senior Publisher for @UGHHBLOG

Each line cuts through the mix, not only in terms of sound but also in terms of meaning and attitude. The songwriting feels personal and relatable, and it is refreshingly far removed from the usual cliches of the genre.”

Andrea Caccese

Oluse is an artist who puts so much into his music. When listening to his brand new release, “Thorium”, you know exactly how much this project means to him. The tone is personal, tinged with feelings and emotion, yet energetic and very easy to relate to”

Peter Vidani

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