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Thorium’s title was inspired by a TED Talk from Kirk Sorensen, a nuclear scientist with expertise in alternate forms of energy, including thorium. “I wanted this project to be the alternative to hip-hop that is out now,” he explains. “I started researching thorium and its compounds and wanted the track list to reflect that.” For example, one of thorium’s isotopes has been around since the “Age of the Universe,” hence the project’s opening song.

released January 7, 2018

Producers in order of production: Handbook, Cool Socks Productions, Phenom, Ragtime, Nabi, Dylan Plummer, J-Tho, Professor H, and J-Tho

Features by Sheyenne and Aptitude.

Recorded in Another Galaxy Studios

Mixed by Lejames Hurii and Professor H

Mastered by Lejames Hurii

Executive Producer - Tyrone Evbuomwan

Artwork - Tyrone Evbuomwan

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