From the recording Thorium


Aloha ʻĀina

Peace to Oahu

Peace to the Mother Land

Peace to the Earth

Peace to the Universe


Verse 1:

We all one homie
please run tell a friend, dont hate on me and my dose of melanin
Libra scale the emotion and cerebral, cuz when you walk the Earth
Everyday theres the D'evils
Deceitful, view you as weak and they will eat you
thats real seafood your third eye really lethal
And lord knows Ive done made some bad decisions
which ended floor of the kitchen vodka sippin
But eye bounce back like Juvie
my life is like a movie
Sol said "Spit it through your soul nigga, Move me"
True friends help you see your goals
This here children in Sierra Leon diggin fo
Yah im that new nigga running late how are you
Take my kindness as a weakness you give me a great tool
Cool burn the bridge I'll swim it aint tragic
Eye see the game it gets tuff beware of wicked

Oooh Its Feeling like
Daily Dose of
The Whole World
Achieve what you
With a whole lot of
My friend you are
Ya whole mind

Enjoy Life, Travel the world, Try new foods, Meet many people, Attack your goals, Stick to your morals, Learn new things, Always trust your first mind! Pass it down to your future beings
No One can do you like you do!

Verse 2:

Nobody asked to be here
Yet eye know im here for something great
Eye contemplate my belonging in the human race
Eye often wake
sweat on my face
Eye learned that eye cant save the world in a day, heh!
Who will survive? Not the slaves in the mind. Channel vibes
Vibrations through your eye!
Who will survive?
Not the slaves in the mind
Who will survive?
Who will survive?
Who will survive?
Sometime in Lawton, Ok Eisenhower Hi
A nigga barely passed eye was always writing rhymes
Shout out to Barstow where eye did my first show
D.A.C lost tapes you'll neva know
Out in crown town
a coach made a great decision he widen my vision
could through me to the system
slow to come around eye took head to those words
because eye was on the verge turnin tree into birds

Chorus repeat