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  1. Atomic 90

From the recording Thorium


(Talking over Sample)

Verse 1:

Distant minding my business my only mission
been crossed and under fire I swear that shit was my christenin
they fear what they don't know or cant control
try to feed on your weakness
dem the light on your soul
Eye perform for ease droppers
Eye should've been a actor
watch it play out and turn the page on the chapter
Music is my dope gives so many hope
hope you overdose on these words that eye spoke
the flow will take you out before anybody recogns
When did it happen?
Thats the crowds big question, get dragged, bagged and toe tagged in 79 seconds
City of Halos Scavenging the Heavens
Eye over flow like skid row and soup kitchens
21 no net and the back board missing
over coming obstacles keep a brother from winning
All this for me?
Inside im grinch grinning


Blah x7
Rhyme Book
Blah x7
On the Mic
Blah x7
This Emcee

Verse 2:

She said I look Pharrell
I laughed and said for real
She said "Na nigga Fidel Castro"
Stop yo cash flow
Why you send these cowards to my damn doe
watch em run from a distress damsel
Im here to draw my own way up in the game
I gotta Vincent Van Go hard in the paint
I know some niggas that walk with the piece and some that peace
one is willing to talk it out the other will pop yo knees off
Master fear during crisis maxing out on vices
Ive dined with friends who wore so called disguises
the lies really priceless
No like really priceless
Send pretty women to get inside your mind shit
Play it cool till statue passes limitations
then we will begin the destructive retaliation
The ego got you and ya whole crew mistaken
think i'm worried about you
I had a bigger cake baken


Blah x7
My People
Blah x7
Blah x7
The Universe

Verse 3:

Dodging narc cells
reframing from stolen car sales
scandalous foes n hoes
easily death or bar cels
Verbulary nourished past a pasture full of serpants
flaccid emcees get nervous when eye shed light on they purpose
Many schemes ferocious thy rhymes will live forever as thr body decomposes
Whats the prognosis to rap hit?
You aint breaking bad bitch
You soft as kid patched full of cabbage
Im going rabid stay away
I souffle beef every tuesday
See the beef stuck in my gap teeth fuck a protein shake
One man regime
my clan remains unseen
Plan to reign supreme
ungodly amounts of cream
These my scriptures risen from the pit of the gravel
recite it wrong and rupture ya whole damn adams apple
I study loss sacred scrolls of emcees
do not put in your system if that shit known to freeze


Blah x7
Blah x7
Blah x7
Blah x7

Construction of the words oh my!
Just like you and I
Mind of Oluse
Cool Socks production
Thorium Thorium Thorium Thorium