From the recording Thorium


One to really see

Eh, Ok

We gonna hit em with em like this real quick

Ok, Eh Uh

Two eyes to look
One too really see
I may be in the present but my minds on next week
feeble rappers make me sleep
Specially when they front origins through they ink
Mentally teleport your whole outter organ
to Portland Oregon thats how a nigga be flowing
My word play more like verbal acrobatics
my battle tactics are beyond whoevers batting average
Just want to rap and smack ladies asses
and stay up on my mathematics
every now again toke on the reefa madness
stack cabbage
neva living life bacwards
Would watch the news trying keep a nigga confused
Penetrate my mind with corrupt views
If you daze too long easy to catch the blues
Strapped in the stretcher mad man injects you with the wicked way of man
Raise yo hand if you seen it
now I want it all homeboy my light beaming
Tell me whats the meaning?
Militant mother Earth
Heavenly chances ruined by a greed power thirst
A speech from the homie fo he shed them pounds down
Puff Puff Pass the piece pipe continue pow wow
Properly function here to get it jumping
Keep the bull ish its all love in my zone friend
Till you interrupt the zen the I have defend the mainframe from the walls within
I clear fog when I drop logs of dialogue
I clear fog when I drop logs of dialogue.