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  1. Monazite Sand

From the recording Thorium


Crowd Chanting:

Go Head x3
Flowing x3
Go Head x3

People Talking

Verse 1:
Im really a fucking animal
Bite you in yo adams apple raise you high in the sky
give yo face dap to gravel
I have ample rhymes
that will the end of times
I chat with gods and monsters I channel through candle light
Inebriation slurring my pronunciation
day dreaming bout Solange in Johnson family vacation
Im Just kidding
freestyle mixed with written
You senile I see how your third eye got that cloudy vision
Everybody woke now
where fuck the revolution
A hashtag wont save your ass
who really gonna start the movement
Not you but you
dog your acting worse then troll 2
Making me feel like I could when an Oscar or two
I spit that vintage
everybody is rapper
beware of image
everybody aint a trapper
I stare at bulls eye like matadors and archers
how the hell you the plug you cant even afford a charger
This that lethal injection to a midnight marauder
Im out of this world I wanna go home
please fund my kick starter
Its about a billi
who turned hip hop to Milli Vanilli
Thinking bout crossin over just to break a few achilles
The girl you chasing
feeding me grape and kiwis
if im a asshole your piece of human feces
can get real creepy
like watching you while sleeping
over 9000 and Im steadily increasing