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  1. Radium 228

From the recording Thorium


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Verse 1:

Please believe
eh its all just a game
if you dont think you paying
you getting played up in the worst way
chess not checkers for that cheddar
I will check ya
When we walked the streets its really racks up on our head bruh
Oooh whats the business niggas out here tripping
Its expected of me to grab the steal and put the clip in
but im past that
hashtag upgrade to boss shit
The eye can full the mind my nigga
who really balling
I be that nigga who speaks who embraces his widows peak
absurd planet crumble herb in the grabba leaf
I mind my own B I
Keep the grass cut I see the snakes passing my by

Im doing ok over here
days passing by
I really shouldnt play over here
this part of my mind x1

When minor issues leads to cowards drawing pistols
and ghost from yo past rise to earth and try to get you
the woman you love dont love you the same way
the one who loved you most just had her wedding day
oh the irony
cynical individuals spying me
I walk by shake my head and chuck the peace
at ease sleep easy over loss of friends
who expose they soul for they goals will surely trade you in
ease droppers cousin to snitches
a good business minds it own business
a method to my madness yall you about to witness
my vision this soul was giving


Its all for you
Its all for you

Nabi on the beat
Good night.