From the recording Thorium


Verse 1:

Its been along time
deep journey in my mind (way back in my mind)
if you get lost it can often the cost the lost of time spirit body and mind
Oooh Yah
Stumbled on greatness
excuse me pardon my lateness
deprograming out the matrix
relapsing got my body aching
its been quite ride
Highway child make my own lane
remove all the dirt ima need a few cranes
highway 66 speakers kick like Lou Cane
I love it when they say Tyrone Oluse you changed
but they never really knew me though
and they be like So...
"You gon rap the war, rap about the dope game, fires of life that burn like propain"
Yes I walked through and I got some scars too
lets have a whale of time see I brought my harpoon
Ate an eighth shrooms room turned to cartoons
A flock of dime bree and they all riding brooms
one gave me three wishes just stay tuned
Stay Tuned

Poetry by Sheyenne:

Today the sky is as blue as the oil ocean water
When I look up the clouds cease my vision from being inifinte
While the sun plays hide and seek from eyes
Cold when plays tag with my skin
Suddenly the Earth shakes
sneaky Earth quake
and we never been a 100% safe since out birthdate
Mother nature is as beautiful as fairy dust and also black magic
life is a game of death and where all waiting to be drafted

Repeat Verse 1